For the average person, it's not about numbers.

In the industry that we are in, it is about making meaningful connections with as many people as possible. That's definitely different than the sleazy used car salesman who always hypes "me, me, me", but you still have to actively promote/sell/market yourself.


"Networking" is exchanging information.

Networking also includes swapping services and establishing personal connections.

Networking is valuable and widely practiced because something useful can be learned from just about everyone and if we seek information from many people we increase the probability of achieving our objectives.

Networking also provides a less tangible benefit, but one that is just as important. If you network, you become well informed about your field and related activities. You develop and keep a competitive advantage. Networking should be one of your continuing activities. Students find career networking especially productive.

Target The Right Market.

Despite what most people think, sending resumes isn't a quantity game. Emailing resumes to one million people who don't have a need for your skills doesn't improve your chances of getting a job very much. After all, you wouldn't try to sell hamburger to a vegetarian, would you? If they don't have a need for it, don't pitch it.

So who do you sell your resume to? Hiring managers or those who can influence them. You must target the right people. Finding out who the right people are fairly is easy in today's technological society. You simply network. Social networking is a great way to find out who is actually hiring.

Quick tip:

Network online! Use online social networks such as facebook, twitter, and digg to promote your blog articles, design work, and do personal networking with other designer. The Internet is full of opportunity. Many bloggers big and small go on holiday, and love to take breaks. They might like you to guest post on their blog, and this means you can post link backs to your own site. Especially if its a big blog you are guest posting on, you will gain loads of exposure.

What others say

"Networking is the main key."

Vu Chu - Graphic Designer

"Self-marketing a.k.a. social media a.k.a. go to as many events as you can and talk to as many people as you can. Remember that it's important to keep a close connection no matter what."

David Carmona - Web Marketing & Development

"Make major connections and use the student card. Go to meetups, dive into the industry meetups because that is what puts you above everyone else. Start gathering and creating your portfolio, that is key!"

Neil Tan - New Media Designer

"Get a website/logo/business cards as soon as possible."

Lauren Merka - Interactive Media