Success isn't too hard. It just takes an active approach.

If you don't pitch yourself and your product, no one else will. The most successful people are the best at self-promotion.

You must be able to convince others of your value.

In order to do that you have to first value yourself. If you want to change the way others see you, then you must first change the way you see yourself. What you think you are is what you show. Other people see in you what you see in yourself. They accept your estimation of yourself.

Building a career today is a lot tougher than decades ago. The methods for gaining momentum are different as well. However, the best approach to success starts with a good plan. You have to build your product (i.e. your skills, knowledge and abilities), define your target market, position yourself, be a little different and reach your customer from many channels. If everybody is saying your good, then you must be.

Quick Tip:

The power of word of mouth! Tell people about your website and the services you offer. Your friends and family are sure to tell other people about you.

What others say

"Get your name and/or web address out everywhere, in any way possible."

Nick Wogberg - Web Designer

"The more and different outlets you can expose yourself to, the more oppotunities you allow yourself to showcase your skills and opportunity for business."

Jason Lock - Web Designer

"Try freelancing, doing side projects, and working with people in the industry to gain experience."

Rhadney Capili - Web Designer/Graphics Artist