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Career Advising | Academic Advising

When it comes to advising students the Art Institute is second to none it comes down to academics and careers. We have a full staff for both academic and career advising to meet your needs. Our academic advising is located on the 7th floor of our main building (1170 Market St.) while our career advising is located on the 9th floor of the Trinity Building (1145 Market St.), which is located across the street from the main building.

Our staff can answer any questions that you have, and if they can’t they can find someone that knows the answer. Our academic advising focuses on registering for classes, dropping/adding, probation, helping track your progress and figure out holds on your account. They also help with setting up mentors and tutors for students whenever needed. What career advising does is help with finding internships, part-time jobs, and connecting with alumni for every major.

Career Advising

Amber Kostik
Media Arts & Animation
Office hours: Tue-4:30pm-6:30pm, Thurs-11am-1pm

Danielle Destefano
Media Arts & Animation, Digital Film & Video Production
Office hours: Tue-12pm-1:30pm, Thurs-4:30pm-6:30pm

Denise Hall
Video Game Programming
Office hours: Thurs-4:30pm-6:30pm, Fri-11am-1pm

Isabelle Cruz
Part-Time Jobs
Office hours: Mon-11am-1pm, Tue-11am-1pm & 5pm-6pm,
Wed-11am-1pm & 5pm-6pm, Thurs-11am-1pm & 5pm-6pm, Fri-11am-1pm

Jon Ruiz
Graphic Design, Advertising, and Web Design & Interactive Media
Office hours: Mon-11am-1pm, Wed-4:30pm-6:30pm

Katie Layous
Office hours: Mon-12pm-1pm & 5pm-6:30pm, Tue-12pm-1pm & 5pm-6pm,
Wed-12pm-1pm & 5pm-6pm, Thurs-12pm-1pm & 5pm-6pm, Fri-11am-1pm

Will Ellis
Fashion Design, Interior Design
Office hours: Mon-5pm-6:30pm, Wed-11am-1pm

Academic Advising

Michelle Williams
Program Director
Rm. 710

Tanya Grimes
Media Arts & Animation, Game Art & Design, & Visual Game Programming
Rm. 709

Kurt Lee
Fashion Design, Fashion Marketing
Rm. 709

Josh Stern
Advertising, Graphic Design, & Interior Design
Rm. 709

Jessica Sykes
Web Design & Interactive Media, Digital Film & Video Production, Probation
Rm. 709

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