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San Francisco allows you to reap the benefits of our melting pot with a number of different eateries that inhabit the small communities. "The City" has a number of hole in the wall places that serve some of the best cuisines in the area like Munch Haven on Market street.

In addition, on Wednesdays the Farmer's Market is held right outside of the main building in front of the Civic Center. You can buy fresh vegetables, seafood, and even clothing with accessories.

As an art student if you love live entertainment then the San Francisco Civic Center area is what your looking for because there is the San Francisco Ballet, Golden Gate Theatre, San Francisco Opera, Asian Art Museum, and San Francisco Performing Arts Library and Museum available to cure your curiosity.

We also know that the nightlife is important to our new students so we have a number of our local clubs and events that can be accessed through this website:

Not only does this site cover a listing of clubs and lounges, but also karaoke bars. The best part about this site is it gives you the opportunity to search for activities in a variety of different districts like the Mission and the Castro Districts.

There is also a four-story Westfield shopping mall located on 4th and Market that will meet all of your needs in terms of shopping, along with a number of other clothing stores along Market Street like Forever 21 and Anthropologie.

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